Lo amo®
a men's lifestyle brand

Earthed from the creative mind of world-renowned artist and jeweler Tia Crystal, Lo amo’s purpose is to combine fashion and a sense of freedom. Each one of our pieces is handcrafted in the USA by Tia and her team, one bead at a time. 

Through the use of our own signature essential oil blend and stones with meaning, our aim is to make a difference in your everyday life. Rub a couple of drops of our essential oil into your beads, take a breath, and remember you have the power to achieve anything. Our mission is for you to wear our bracelets as a reminder to live your life to the fullest knowing you have tare a brand spreading positive mindful intention.

Tia Crystal
World-Renowned Designer, Artist

Tia Crystal is a woman on a ever-lasting mission. As an artist, designer, and humanitarian, the past 30 years of her life have been passionately dedicated to sharing the beauty of Mother Earth through her creations. Educated in a variety of cultural philosophies, religions, and healing modalities, Tia's mission is to create timeless pieces that inspire people to pursue their wildest dreams. 

Tia created Lo amo to remind the world that mindfulness is the key to self-growth. "Success" is different for everyone, but the underlying method to achieve this remains the same. It all starts with taking a breath and being in the moment! Happiness and Peace is an inside job, and nothing outside of oneself will ever create this. 

Each one of her jewelry lines has been carefully crafted to share a message with the world. With Lo amo, it is all about Putting the Zen into Men. 

Tia's greatest joy in life is her three children, and she is blessed to have them as partners of the brand. Today, they share her philosophy throughout their everyday lives. Together, they are Lo amo. 


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